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WARNING: Fraud Alert!

It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent out promising to pay FreeLotto® prizes. These emails may include our name, logo and links to our web pages. You should not send any money or personal information to anyone claiming to contact you in an effort to collect money in exchange for a prize.
            These emails are NOT from FreeLotto® or any affiliated company.
FreeLotto® never charges you to claim a prize.
            These emails may claim the recipient won a prize playing a FreeLotto® 
            game or in some other non-existing version of our games.

            We are the only patented FreeLotto® and have awarded over $95 Million.
            The authors of these emails are illegally misappropriating the FreeLotto® 
            name, logo and website.

If you believe that you received a fradulent email or if you have paid any advance fees, please send a copy of the message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can provide this information to the proper authorities.

Here is an example of the fraudulent emails that have been in circulation :

To see other examples of Fraudulent FreeLotto prize claim emails
click here:


Confirmed FreeLotto Winners

  • M. K. Basha

    Delhi, India

    WON: $10 Million on 9/28/00
    Numbers Played:
    5 15 21 29 37 45 48

  • Siong Lee Kok

    Batu Caves, Malaysia

    WON: $1 Million on 10/1/00
    Numbers Played:
    22 7 1 29 42 44

  • Vincent Julian, Jr.

    Nazareth, PA

    WON: $1 Million on 6/17/02
    Numbers Played:
    16 28 21 27 17 53

  • Glenda Sexton

    Lincoln City, OR

    WON: $1 Million on 11/16/99
    Numbers Played:
    7 16 10 34 23 8

  • William Herriott

    Glasgow, Scotland

    WON: $1 Million on 8/19/05
    Numbers Played:
    44 2 39 11 15 17

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